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Hay-Wards Eclectic

Incense blends, teas, custom creations from the forge and ethically / personally sourced ingredients

If you can not find quite what you are looking for we offer custom creations from the Apothecary and the Blacksmith.

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I have been exhausted due to a number of issues and was having a hard time sleeping. I decided to try some sleep incense I received from here. I instantly crashed and slept for ~15 hours which I desperately needed. I was very pleased.

L. Thompson

I had a wicked sinus infection, laryngitis and cough with chest congestion. The lovely HAY-WARDS mixed me up a special blend of herbal tea and delivered it. I am delighted to say that this worked better than any pills. I could breathe through my nose, the coughing down to a minimum and all that gunk in my lungs started to come out of my lungs

! Thank you for your wonderful remedy!

J. Marshall

Head of Potatoes, The Internet

Amazing people, and thoughtfully crafted products.  I highly recommend their work!

R. Chapelle

Chief Ranch Dressing Advisor